Grants Awarded for Levee Evaluations and Repairs (USA)

Grants Awarded for Levee Evaluations and Repairs

The Ventura County Watershed Protection District was Awarded 10 Grants Totaling $9,466,990 in Funding for Levee Evaluations and Repairs

The Board of Supervisors accepted the grants from the California Department of Water Resources for a mix of local levee evaluations and critical levee repairs throughout Ventura County

The Levee Grant Program was created by the Department of Water Resources to assist local public agencies responsible for flood protection.

Levee Evaluation Funding provides the funds necessary to conduct surveys, hydrology, and hydraulic studies, and geotechnical evaluations of levees at risk of failing. Levee Repair Funding assists flood management agencies with critical repairs of local flood control facilities including but not limited to, erosion-damaged levees, levees with unstable slopes, and other unstable facilities. The 10 grants awarded to the District account for almost 20% of the total available statewide and is the third highest total among recipient counties. Only two counties, Orange County and Alameda County, both with significantly greater populations received higher awards.


Press Release, November 26, 2012; Image: usace

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