Liberia: National Ports Master Plan Introduced

National Ports Master Plan Introduced

National Ports Authority of Liberia has embarked on an ambitious planning process by preparing a National Ports Master Plan.

The plan will outline the framework for development of the port sector in Liberia for the next 25 years. The National Port Authority of Liberia is under a great deal of pressure to allocate port facilities and land for development in a number of areas like mining, oil and gas, agriculture, logging – and not least import and export facilities for the country as a whole. The increased activities in the country call for accelerated development of port facilities – in existing ports as well as green filed projects.

NPA together with NIRAS of Denmark embarked on the planning process earlier this year and the master plan is due for presentation in the first quarter of 2013.

‘’Liberia is experiencing a solid and positive development as a whole and as a result demands for transport infrastructure in every sector are far above the capacity of existing infrastructure in the country. First in line is the port infrastructure and in the National Plan, ports are seen as a catalyst for increased economic development’,” says Ms Matilda Parker, Managing Director of NPA.

The Managing Director is seconded by Mr. Natanial Barnes, Chairman of NPA in his statement: ’’With NIRAS we have found a professional partner for NPA and through them the planning process also focusses on much needed technical assistance and training of NPA staff’.”


Press Release, November 27, 2012