TrustLube Opens Branch in Singapore

Oud Gastel

TrustLube has taken an important step in its further expansion. The relatively young organisation has been experiencing rapid growth in recent years.

It is less than a year ago since TrustLube moved from Willemstad to an ultramodern office in Oud Gastel, in order to house it doubling of staff. The branch in Singapore offers TrustLube extra room to continue accelerated growth in the expanding Asian and Australian markets.

Singapore is the hub for the shipping and offshore industries in South-East Asia. It not only has the second most important port in Asia, but is also an ideal base for the Australian activities of TrustLube. “This is where it is all happening,” says Chiel van Daelen, founder and managing director of TrustLube.

Singapore is the hub for all maritime activities in the region (Australia, China, Hongkong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam). In addition to the biggest builder of offshore platforms, Singapore is also one of the most important players in the repairs sector of the dredging, offshore, oil & gas industry.

We design, manufacture, assemble and install automatic lubrication systems and monitoring system for the (petro-)chemical, dredging, offshore and maritime industry. It is therefore perhaps not so surprising that TrustLube is opening a new branch in the heart of maritime Asia,” Van Daelen says.

All-round solutions are key

The success of the innovative company from Oud Gastel is based on relieving clients of some of their responsibilities, by providing an all-round solution.

“We take over a huge part of maintenance, and deliver a considerable saving in lubricants. Thanks to our well thought-out lubrication systems, our clients are never faced with surprises any longer,” Chiel van Daelen emphasises. “From the drawing table, we start thinking of solutions for our clients. Every lubrication system is custom made and developed in-house. Innovation is never the aim, but merely a means to reach the goal. Four engineers are engaged in product innovation every day, using modern 3-D packages. Everything is done in-house,” Chiel explains.

We produce ourselves, we assemble, and we have our own test space. Nothing is installed before it is extensively tested in-house. Unlike the traditional systems, our clients always have control over their lubrication policy from A to Z, with a custom made TrustLube system,” Chiel concludes.


Press Release, November 28, 2012