USA: Tawas City Council Discusses Dredging Program

Tawas City Council Discusses Dredging Program

The Tawas City Council has discussed the possibilities of the Tawas River dredging program, according to

During the Council’s meeting on Monday, the Tawas River dredging efforts received support from the adjacent Harborside Condos, stated Kaye Chartier, the Tawas City resident and representative of this organization.

There is no grant funding at this time to dredge the river, but the issue of sand build up at the mouth is bad and navigation to the Bay is all but impossible from the new boat launch in Gateway Park.

The first step in a dredging project would be to obtain permits from the Corps of Engineers and DEQ, and an estimated cost to dredge.


Dredging Today Staff, December 5, 2012; Image: usace