USA: Dredging Project at Port Fourchon Completed

The latest phase of Slip C dredging at the Port Fourchon is complete, according to the Greater Lafourche Port Commission.

This very important dredging project created a new slip in the Northern Expansion area of Port Fourchon, reports

The dredger “Mike Hooks” has been on the project for approximately two months. The dredger used a submerged line across Flotation Canal and floating line along the embankment.

Port Director Chett Chiasson stated: “With continued investment in development projects like these. We will be able to provide the basic infrastructure needed to serve our current tenants and attract future tenants, which ultimately means creating jobs and revenue for our community and the surrounding area.”

Regarding the completion of the dredging works, Board President Larry Griffin commented: “People believe in our port and the way we do business. We’re leasing out property faster than we can build it. It’s amazing to see the port grow before our eyes.”

“Port Fourchon is in the forefront of the push to use dredge spoils beneficially. Not only do we work to dredge channels at depths that port businesses need, but we also use the dredged materials to create new waterfront property and new marshlands as part of our mitigation. We make room for industry and at the same time enhance our environment with a balance that few other places can achieve,” concluded Chiasson.


Dredging Today Staff, December 13, 2012

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