Bright Future for Ukraine’s Port Industry

Bright Future for Ukraine's Port Industry

The Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine continues to work towards cooperation with all authorities of local and national level on issues of reforming Ukraine’s port industry: further development of maritime industry in Ukraine and implementation of reforms were discussed with representatives of local authorities, such as Nikolaev, Kherson, Odessa, Donetsk regional state administrations, Sevastopol city administration and Crimean Republican Committee on Transport and Communications.

In particular, during the meeting the Director of the Department of the Ministry of Infrastructure informed participants about the work already done and the ongoing work to prepare for the proper implementation of reforms and the further activities in this direction.

Among the ongoing projects it can be mentioned the Government Decree on the establishment of the State Enterprise “Administration of seaports of Ukraine”.

In addition, the Ministry of Infrastructure continues to work on development of the strategy for the sea ports of Ukraine for 25 years. A comprehensive approach to development of the sector is built into the Strategy: the document will reflect the strategic position on development of port’s and terminal infrastructure and related one, such as approach lines, roads, etc.

The strategy, in accordance with the Law “On Sea Ports of Ukraine”, should be based on development plans of ports, on which the port works are actively working now.


Press Release, December 24, 2012