MT Højgaard: Oluvil Port Handed Over (Sri Lanka)

Oluvil Port Handed Over

MT Højgaard has established a commercial and fishing port at Oluvil, Sri Lanka. The project was handed over at the end of 2012.

“At Oluvil on the east coast of Sri Lanka, we have established a port with two separate basins, one for commercial activities and one for the fishing industry. The work was undertaken as a main contract,” announced MT Højgaard.

On 30 November the handover ceremony was held with the client and representatives from Danida, which is supporting the project.

Access for vessels of up to 16,000 tons

“We have constructed a commercial port comprising 330 metres of quay with a water depth of 8 metres, and a fishing port comprising 200 metres of quay with a water depth of 3 metres.

The project was executed in two phases. In the first phase, we constructed two breakwaters, and in the second we dredged the port to enable access for vessels of up to 16,000 tons,” announced MT Højgaard.

The 1,500 metre breakwaters were constructed from one million tons of stone, which was blasted in the stone quarry.

Contemporary port area

“In addition to the construction of access roads to and from the port, we also constructed residential buildings, warehouses, office facilities, refrigerated warehouses and service buildings on land – everything that is necessary to operate a contemporary port in a development area in Sri Lanka.”

“We also constructed roads and established a 4.2 kilometre sea wall around the harbour.”

Satisfied client

The construction took four years, during which MT Højgaard encountered a number of challenges. It was however a very satisfied client who received the project, with only a very few remaining defects.


Press Release, January 8, 2013

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