Turnour Island Dredging Project Nears End (Canada)

Turnour Island Dredging Project Nears End..

The Turnour Island dredging project is nearing its completion.

This project involves environmental dredging of mildly contaminated marine sediments surrounding the former timber pile locations at the Turnour Island site.

JJM Construction Ltd. removed the timber piles last year, during a previous phase of this project. Under this plan, 39 pile locations should be dredged, which will yield approximately 120 cubic metres of contaminated sediment for disposal.

The dredged holes will then be backfilled with an equal quantity of clean gravel.

JJM is employing an innovative caisson dredging technique to ensure that each dredging location is completely isolated during the dredging and backfilling process.

The dredged material will be disposed of at a licensed soil disposal facility.


Press Release, January 8, 2013