DTC: Cutter Suction Dredger Simulator Training (USA)

DTC Organizes Cutter Suction Dredger Simulator Training

Dredge Technology Corporation (DTC) is bringing its one-of-a-kind Simulator training to the USA.

The training will run for three consecutive weeks, starting April 7, 2013, in Clearwater, Florida. Each training takes 3 days.

Training for Superintendents

The participants will be able to apply the theory of the hydraulic transportation process in relation to specific soil characteristics when operating a cutter suction dredger.

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Training for novice Operators

After this training participants are able to operate the dredge and take adequate measures in regularly occuring situations such as stones or cavitation in the pumps, obstruction in the cutter or a broken discharge line.

Training for experienced Operators

As these participants already have the skills required to perform their job, the programme will be tailor-made to the themes they wish to learn more about. Various difficult operating conditions can be simulated and trained upon.

About DTC

Dredge Technology Corporation is the sole distributor of IHC Holland B.V. (IHC) for the U.S.A. and Canada of its full line of products and services. Dredge Technology Corporation (DTC) is a member of the IHC Holland Group. IHC Holland B.V., said to be world’s largest dredge supplier, is a group shipyards in The Netherlands that specializes in the design and construction of complete dredges, dredging systems, components and instruments.

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Press Release, January 9, 2013