Mozambique: “Macuti” to Arrive at Beira Port with Delay

Macuti to Arrive at Beira Port with Delay

According to Carlos Isidoro, the director for Transport and Communications of Sofala province, the Macuti ocean dredger is expected to arrive at the port of Beira at the end of the first half of 2013.

This dredger, built in Lithuania by Western Baltija Shipbuilding, will ensure a depth of at least 8 metres in the shipping channel, reports

The vessel is classed by Bureau Veritas and complies with the DR 68 demands.

Macuti should have arrived in Mozambique this month, but the main reason for its delay is repair work that needs to be done to this FKAB designed dredger.

Macuti was launched in October 2012 for the Mozambican Ports and Rail Company (CFM) and the National Dredging Company (EMODRAGA), and during tests some deficiencies had been revealed that needed to be fixed before it could be sent to Beira.


Dredging Today Staff, March 6, 2013