KIASMA SRL on Right Track (Italy)

KIASMA SRL on Right Track

Indian companies will begin to use HDPE pipes and Rubber Hose OD 560, producted by KIASMA SRL, an Italian company.

During the dredging operations, with the KFC Turbulent motion inside the pipes, this technology is sparing 7% of diesel pump discharge, saving energy by 7%, saving the cost of maintenance and reducing the abrasion by 40%.

This technology also has a positive influence on the longevity of the pipes.


KIASMA SRL operates since over 20 years, and works with the most successful Italian and foreign companies in the field of thermoplastic materials, such as PeHD and rubber.

With the experience gained in these years of being in contact with major international companies and universities, KIASMA has applied its experience in the dredging sector, patenting a system for the dredging discharge pipes with integrated floats, in KGP.


Dredging Today Staff, March 15, 2013