Deltares Takes Another Major Step Forward (The Netherlands)

Deltares Takes Another Major Step Forward

Software users, developers and modellers in the field of water quality and ecology were given access last week to the source code of the Deltares software module DELWAQ.

This was another major step forward with the Deltares open source policy, two years after it opened up the Delft3D package (for the modelling of rivers, coast and sea) to the community.

Now that DELWAQ is open source, leading experts from throughout the world can use, extend and improve the software. More than 3100 people have daily access to the Deltares source codes. This number is expected to increase to 5000 by 2015.

DELWAQ contains more than 30 years of experience in the field of modelling water quality and ecology. This year, the module will be extended to include morphology.

To introduce the outside world to the DELWAQ source code, Deltares organised a webinar on Wednesday, 13 March. There was a lot of international interest, with participants from no fewer than 48 countries.


Press Release, March 18, 2013