Boskalis: Settlement Completed (The Netherlands)

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Settlement Completed by Boskalis

Reference is made to the Offer Document and the press release of 8 February 2013 in which Boskalis Holding B.V. (the Offeror), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Boskalis, launched a mandatory cash offer for all issued and outstanding ordinary shares of Dockwise (the Shares) at an offer price of EUR 18.50 / NOK 137.65 per Share cum dividend (the Offer).

In the Offer, the Offeror received acceptances for a total of 22,675,948 Shares, amounting in aggregate to 57.20% of the total number of Shares. Settlement of payment and transfer of such Shares has been completed today. Together with the 16,722,812 Shares that were already held by the Offeror prior to the Offer, the Offeror now holds 99.39% of the total number of Shares.

In addition, the Offeror has also acquired the Preference Shares held by HAL Investments B.V. in accordance with Section 7.2. of the Offer Document.

Further, the Offeror has today initiated a statutory squeeze-out procedure under Section 103 of the Bermuda Companies Act, which may be invoked by shareholders holding not less than 95% of the shares in a company by giving notice to the remaining shareholders of the intention to acquire their shares on the terms set out in the notice. Such notice has been submitted to the remaining shareholders today. The price offered in the squeeze-out is the same as the offer price in the Offer.


Press Release, March 20, 2013