Xcentric Ripper Makes Impact in Western Canada

Xcentric Ripper Makes Impact in Western Canada

From the moment he saw the Xcentric Ripper, Brad Dewit knew it would be the perfect new tool to introduce to the Canadian excavation and demolition marketplace.

The XR40 model grabbed his attention at the 2011 ConExpo trade show in Las Vegas, where it made its North American debut. Brad saw the potential for this innovative new product to replace traditional hydraulic hammers in many industries that his company, ShearForce Equipment, already serves.

The Xcentric Ripper outperforms traditional hydraulic hammers in nearly every type of material, particularly in medium hardness rock with natural fracturing and layers. Using patented Impact Vibration Accumulation Technology, the attachment works with the natural rigidity of the rock, and the vibrations that are produced shake the material to deepen cracks for easier breakup.

In certain conditions, the Xcentric Ripper is two to five times more productive than using a hydraulic hammer, and is ten times more productive than a hammer in permafrost.


The Xcentric Ripper is an exceptional tool for demolition, excavation, slag recycling, dredging, trenching, underground mining, and even underwater applications, due to an enclosed pressurized chamber in the attachment head that does not need an air supply, as traditional hydraulic hammers require.

Brad signed on for ShearForce Equipment to be the exclusive dealer of Xcentric Rippers across Canada within weeks of discovering it on the trade show floor.

“The Xcentric Ripper could take the place of more than half of the hydraulic hammers and breakers that are currently being used by customers in our industry,” explained Brad. “The increased production and low maintenance costs simply can’t be ignored.”

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Press Release, March 25, 2013

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