Mott MacDonald Improves Water Sector in Bangladesh

Mott MacDonald Improves Water Sector in Bangladesh

Mott MacDonald is providing consultancy services for a project that will improve flood defences and drainage in coastal areas in Bangladesh, benefiting 150,000 households (1 million people).

The project is being funded by the Dutch government as part of the Netherlands Development Cooperation.

Over half the population of Bangladesh’s coastal areas live below the poverty line. Improving food production and establishing business opportunities depends on creating effective protection against floods and building irrigation and drainage systems inside the polders (tracts of low lying land enclosed and protected by embankments or dykes).

“The project builds on lessons learned from previous programmes, including the Integrated Planning for Sustainable Water Management programme (IPSWAM) that we have been involved in since 2007. It takes into account new insights in how to deal with challenges created by the dynamic rivers of Bangladesh. IPSWAM has improved agricultural yields by up to 50%,” commented Hero Heering, Mott MacDonald project director.


Press Release, March 27, 2013