VIDEO: IDRECO – International Dredger Constructions (The Netherlands)

International Dredger Constructions

60 years of experience in the sand- and gravel production are supported by a team of IDRECO-engineers working together with a group of young design engineers, accompanied and assisted by a senior engineer who has more than 20 years of professional experience.

Because of this highly qualified manpower IDRECO is able to produce a large range of dredgers such as suction dredger, bucketwheel or cutter dredger.

IDRECO also offers an in-house developed product line of dredging pumps. These pumps can be used with suction pipes from 200 to 750 mm. They are compatible with all above mentioned types of dredgers and can be installed in new as well as in used dredgers.

Additionally the IDRECO program includes all components for the construction and maintenance of a hopper dredger – starting from the head up to the pump of a hopper dredger.

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Dredging Today Staff, March 29, 2013