WBDDP: Community BBQ Update (Australia)

Community BBQ Update

On Wednesday 10 April, the Western Basin Dredging and Disposal Project (WBDDP) is inviting Gladstone locals to a BBQ to ask questions about dredging in the Gladstone harbour.

For the last three decades, the expansion of port facilities and other industries has been planned to maintain a balance of industrial development, protecting the natural environment and continuing as a sustainable fishing harbour.

Western Basin Dredging and Disposal Project Leader Peter O’Sullivan who will be at the BBQ said this BBQ update gives the chance for Gladstone locals to find out the correct information about what is happening with the project.

“While dredging has occurred since the 1920’s, the WBDDP will constitute the most significant expansion of the Gladstone port’s capabilities since commercial activities began,” Mr O’Sullivan said.

“The GPC has always been and will always remain open and accountable to the public. There will be experts in their field from the dredging project at the BBQ who will be able to answer all your questions.”


Press Release, April 4, 2013