Australia: Hundreds Pledge to Stop Terminal Construction

Hundreds Pledge to Stop Terminal Construction

Over 600 people have used text messages to express their dismay and outrage and many others have pledged to stop a new coal terminal going ahead in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.

The messages were delivered by Greenpeace to the office of marine engineering firm, Smithbridge Group, in Brisbane’s Murarrie suburb this morning.

Smithbridge has signed a joint venture to construct the T3 coal terminal at Abbot Point – a project that would involve huge damage to the Great Barrier Reef and wetlands and facilitate a massive expansion of the coal exports driving climate change,” Dr. Georgina Woods, head of Climate & Energy Campaign. “We are asking Smithbridge to reconsider their involvement in this project.”

“Whistleblowing is a vital part of Australia’s democracy. That’s why Greenpeace is appealing to those in the coal industry to protect Australia’s natural wonder, the Great Barrier Reef,” said Dr. Woods.

The Coal & Gas Leaks site names a number of key companies and projects that threaten the Great Barrier Reef. They include:

• Smithbridge Group

• Samsung C&T

• SKM (Sinclair Knight Merz)

• Abbot Point T3 and T0 Coal Terminals

• Galilee Basin coal mine proposals Alpha and Carmichael

• Dudgeon Point coal terminal.


Press Release, April 9, 2013