Canada: Cobourg Marina Dredging About to Begin

Cobourg Marina Dredging About to Begin

Beginning this week, the Cobourg Marina will be undergoing annual maintenance at the entrance of the harbour.

Each year a significant amount of sediment is carried along by the waves and wind through Lake Ontario and is deposited in the Cobourg harbour mouth, the channel and the harbour itself. This sediment can accumulate in amounts that make safe navigation an issue for the boats in the harbour and in particular for the coast guard vessel which is stationed in Cobourg Harbour each summer.

Dredging is an excavation activity where sediments gathered up from the bottom of the lake by large volumes of water, are disposed of at different locations where they de-water and eventually dry out or dissipate. In this case the sediment will be placed at the West Pier to dry out for later use or pumped over the break wall to dissipate. This is a technique used to keep the waterways navigable and safe for water vessels.

The dredging maintenance is estimated to take around six weeks until completion.


Press Release, April 9, 2013