Caterpillar Introduces New Compact Radius Hydraulic Excavator (USA)

Caterpillar Introduces New Compact Radius Hydraulic Excavator

The powerful, versatile, zero tail-swing 301.7D CR mini-excavator is ideally suited to working in restricted work areas and is the latest addition to the expanding range of Cat® mini excavators which feature powerful hydraulics and excellent service features.

Productivity in Confined Areas

The zero tail swing Cat® 301.7D CR can work comfortably in confined work areas with the machine upper frame able to slew within its track width. Fitted with an extending undercarriage as standard, the machine can gain access into most areas when fully retracted to 990mm (3′ 3″) wide and once extended to its full 1300mm (4′ 3″) working width, the undercarriage affords excellent stability for even greater digging and loading performance.

The 301.7D CR can be specified with either standard or optional long stick giving an additional 140mm (5.5″) dig depth, an extra 114mm (4.4″) load height and 153mm (6″) more reach at ground level. With both options, two-way auxiliary hydraulics allow the operation of a hydraulic hammer and of a bi-directional tool such as an auger. The optional second hydraulic function is operated by a proportional roller on the left-hand joystick. This option includes a switch that allows the operator to vary the auxiliary hydraulic flow to suit each individual work tool.

Two travel speeds give the operator the choice of either greater traction force or higher site travel speed.

Powerful Performance

The 301.7D CR has a powerful 17.8 kW engine down-rated to 13.2 kW that provides smooth, fuel efficient running with ample torque for all digging, loading and work tool tasks. The variable displacement pump and flow sharing main hydraulic valve give smooth and effortless operation. An additional optional counterweight extends performance further, particularly when using the long stick with heavy work tools.

Functional Design

The 301.7D CR has two sturdy hoisting brackets on the canopy roof allowing the easy and rapid relocation of the machine.

Easy Routine Service

The durable steel panels are hinged and removable providing easy access for both routine and deeper maintenance. Interval changes of 500 hours for engine oil and 3,000 hours for hydraulic oil save time and reduce operating costs. A Cat S.O.SSM hydraulic fluid-sampling port allows accurate, period assessment of the fluid condition during its life.


Press Release, April 15, 2013