Craney Island Dredging Plan Announced (USA)

Craney Island Dredging Plan Announced

The Norfolk District Corps of Engineers is seeking eligible firms capable of performing maintenance dredging and disposal of dredged material by hydraulic dredge and pipeline at the Craney Island Rehandling Basin.

This project will include maintenance dredging to required depths of 18 to 32 feet with 2 feet of allowable overdepth at each respective dredging depth.

The Contractor shall place the dredged material in the designated Government-furnished upland. The target capacity for this contract is between $1 mln and $5 mln.

The contract duration is 75 calendar days from notice to proceed. The work will require removal of approximately 773,000 cubic yards of material which contains significant amounts of debris including timbers and wire rope.

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Source:; April 15, 2013