VIDEO: Dredger “Sospan Dau” at Work (UK)

Dredger Sospan Dau at Work

Dredging has been underway for the last couple of weeks at the Sovereign Harbour, located at Eastbourne, UK.

This deepening program was undertaken by the trailing suction hopper dredger “Sospan Dau”.

This is Sospan’s annual visit to remove excess silt from Eastbourne Sovereign Marina’s outer harbour.

Sospan’s Physical properties:

Length (OA): 73 m

Length (BP): 68.4 m

Width: 14.3 m

Depth: 3.8 m

Draft (loaded): 3.3 m

Speed (loaded): 8 knts

Total power: 3154 kW

Hopper volume: 1500 m³

Dredging depth: 35 m

Suction pipe diameter: 0.5 m

Number of dredging pipes: 1.


Dredging Today Staff, April 18, 2013