USA: Huizenga Supports Michigan Harbors Dredging Plan

Huizenga Supports Michigan Harbors Dredging Plan

Congressman Bill Huizenga is applauding how Michigan lawmakers are handling emergency dredging along the lakeshore, calling it “unprecedented.”

Recently, the congressman met with local, state, and federal officials about the condition of Michigan harbors. Earlier this year Gov. Rick Snyder approved $21 million in emergency funding for 58 harbors.

Now Congressman Huizenga hopes to secure additional federal funding as well.

“We’re very pleased that the state of Michigan has stepped up, unprecedented. No other state has done this and we’re very appreciative of Lansing for doing this, but we have to solve these issues at a federal level as well,” said Huizenga.

Congressman Huizenga wants to make sure that federal dollars, which are set aside for harbor maintenance, are actually going to harbors instead of other infrastructure projects.


Press Release, April 19, 2013