Yancheng Port Expansion Plan Moves Forward (China)

Yancheng Port Expansion Plan Moves Forward

CCCC First Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd. has recently won the bid for Lot BTDDSG-1 of the universal terminal yard project in Sheyang zone of Yancheng Port, Jiangsu Province, with a contract value of 170 million yuan and a construction period of 8 months.

Located in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province, the project involves land formation, soft foundation treatment, handling equipment purchase and installation, road and yard, production buildings and auxiliary buildings, water supply drainage, fire protection, power supply and lighting, automatic control, navigation and aid to navigation, relevant temporary works, etc.

The project is of great significance to further improving the storage conditions of the terminal in Sheyang port and increasing its operating efficiency.


Press Release, April 25, 2013; Image: kcg.gov