India: ICTT Vallarpadam Terminal Offers Deeper Draft

ICTT Vallarpadam Terminal Offers Deeper Draft

Based on the progress made in dredging at the International Container Transhipment Terminal at Vallarpadam, it has been decided to increase the maximum permissible draft available in the entire International Container Transhipment Terminal berth length of 600 meters to 14.50 meters, announced Cochin Port Trust.

Turnaround of vessels more than 275 meters and drawing maximum of 14.50 meters draft will be subject to tide and weather conditions.


The Kochi International Container Transhipment Terminal (ICTT), locally known as the Vallarpadam Terminal , is a container trans-shipment facility which is part of the Kochi Port. It is the only trans-shipment port in India, and is situated in Kochi, in the state of Kerala.

Being constructed in three stages, the first phase of the terminal was commissioned on 11 Feb 2011. This can handle cargo up to one million TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units) per annum. The terminal is presently being operated by the Dubai Ports World, which will operate it for 30-years after which the control will come back to the Cochin Port Trust.


Press Release, April 26, 2013

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