UK: Flood Defence Work Begins in Morpeth’s High Stanners

Flood Defence Work Begins in Morpeth’s High Stanners

Construction work will begin next week on new flood defences in Morpeth’s High Stanners.

The works, which are a part of a wider £21 million flood alleviation scheme, will see the creation of a new embankment along the wide part of the green and two new flood walls, one near Oldgate Bridge and one near Skinnery Bridge.

Birse, who are carrying out the work for the Environment Agency and Northumberland County Council, will complete this part of the scheme in four or five months, depending on weather conditions.

Traditional style bricks will be used for the majority of the flood walls. These will be broken up by natural stone at the entrances to three flood gates, which will allow easy access to the green area and riverside. These flood gates will be closed by the Environment Agency if flooding is likely.

To minimise any disruption to local traffic, construction vehicles will access the site via a temporary haul road that will be created down the middle of the green area.

Anthony Myatt, Project Manager at the Environment Agency, said: “This is an exciting milestone in this important project. High Stanners is an area of the town at greatest risk of flooding, so we are pleased to be starting on the new flood defences in this area.”


Press Release, April 26, 2013