UK: Partrac Joins Forces with ADAS

Partrac Joins Forces with ADAS

Partrac worked with ADAS in the development of a novel framework, combining conventional sediment source fingerprinting and Partrac’s proprietary ‘Dual Signature’ particle tracking technology to improve sediment source information for the River Glaven priority catchment in eastern England.

Catchment Officers working as part of the Catchment Sensitive Farming initiative frequently require more detailed evidence to target mitigation measures effectively.

Particle tracking methods using Patrac’s fluorescent-magnetic tracer technology were employed to provide preliminary sub-catchment scale information on sediment loss from key components of the primary arable topsoil and channel bank generic sources (i.e. wheelings or inter-wheelings and/or fluvially eroded channel margins).

High-strength magnets were deployed within watercourses to enable the tracking component of the novel framework to link sediment loss from [tracer] labelled areas to river channels as opposed to providing information to edge-of-field areas only. Uncertainty and prior information on source contributions are explicitly recognised by the framework.

This study represents the first in the UK to employ Partrac’s unique tracing technology to arable farmland and to link wheeling sediment losses to river channels.


Press Release, May 6, 2013