Mexico: Port of Lazaro Presents Development Strategy

Port of Lazaro Presents Development Strategy.

The Minister of Communications and Transport, Mr. Gerardo Ruiz Esparza made a working tour to the Port of Lazaro Cardenas in which was announced the to the port logistics community as well as the audience, key strategic projects develop in this precinct.

Hutchinson Port Holdings, SSA Mexico and APM Terminals submitted to the Minister the investments they make in this port through the Multi-use Terminal III, Specialized Car Terminal and Specialized Container Terminal II; a greater global projection and competitiveness will be achieved as a result for this precinct.

The General Coordinator of Ports and Merchant Marine, Guillermo Ruiz de Teresa said Lazaro Cardenas will be an example in the port system, it will spearhead the program that the Ministry of Communications and Transport develops for “efficiency logistics as the main basis on reducing costs within the value chain“.

Noting the above, it was presented the Strategic Bonded draft that APILAC develops for customers and current users of the port and private investments shown, as a space that will add value to their activities and speed up the transit of goods to their final destination.

As well, he spoke about the Trucking Logistics Services as an important step in the field of trucking to operate under the highest efficiency standards established in the major ports of the world.

Minister Gerardo Ruiz Esparza, beside the projects to be performed in Michoacan by the Secretariat office that he leads, he also highlighted the Multimodal Distributor and Service Center for Emergency Port made by APILAC, conducted by mentioning that the first represents safety and speed in the movement of goods and the second means more protection and security for seafarers and those that allow the movement of goods.

He stressed that all public and private investments presented represent works by more than 11 thousand 500 million pesos and 900 jobs generated 8000 (2000 400 500 direct and 6000 indirect), thus reiterating the Republic Government’s commitment of making Lazaro Cardenas a competitive and successful world-class port, with instructions to work hard in the promotion of road and rail infrastructure required for the deployment of maritime trade, mentioning how important is for Mexico to have efficient and competitive ports on a global scale by their effects on economic growth and welfare in the regions where they operate.


Press Release, May 7, 2013