Canada: Port Hope Dredging Program About to Begin

Port Hope Dredging Program About to Begin

Dredging of the Port Hope harbour will begin this month as part of the Municipality’s annual maintenance program to allow safe access for boaters during the summer.

In the past two years, dredging has been limited to clearing a channel along the west wall for boater access. With the implementation of the Municipality’s Sediment Management and Dredging Strategy in October 2012, 5,000 m3 of sediment will be dredged from the outer harbour to obtain a depth of 3 meters.

Following a tendering process, the Town of Cobourg was awarded the contract and their suction dredger will be mobilized at the site this week in preparation for the work which will commence after the long weekend. An upset limit of 5,000 m3 of sediment will be removed from the defined area and monitored using a GPS system located on the equipment to ensure volumes are tracked carefully.

Initial sediment samples have been analyzed and results submitted to the Ministry of Environment (MOE). Once dredging begins, sediment will be piled on the beach while additional samples undergo testing. Sampling will continue throughout the process and following confirmation that the sediment meets MOE guidelines, it will be distributed as nourishment on the East beach.

Dredging and excavation is expected to take approximately four weeks, subject to weather.


Press Release, May 20, 2013