Matecs Develops New Type of Shore Valve (The Netherlands)

New Type of Shore Valve

In April 2013 Matecs BV from Roosendaal delivered 10 shore valves, that were completely new developed.

The valves were engineered and tested in-house, at the Roosendaal premises by W & TS, and fully constructed, machined, assembled and thoroughly tested by Matecs under the same roof.

For the development of this HD Shore Valve, various departments were involved: from the drawing to the welding department, from doing strength calculations, to machining up to the construction by our bench fitters.

The most important adjustment compared to the current generation of shore valves, concerns the gate sealing and the adjustment of the slide guidance in such way that it could withstand the huge pressure without leakage. Additional attention was given to the guidance material for the locking of the gate. Matecs fitted extra material which can be replaced.


Matecs also closely monitored the pre tension on the sealing of the gate. As a result the wear and tear during movement of the gate is minimized. This was also due to the special sealing, made of patented, self-developed polyurethane, consisting of various hardness’s. The hydraulic cylinders on these special valves are furthermore mounted in a hinged way, so that the sealing functions well, even when the hydraulic system moves unequally.

Testing had to be done thoroughly, and at the initial test the valve proved it could do the job: keep things closed up to a pressure of 40 bar.

Normal working pressures on board of a dredger vary from some 3 to 30 bar. Because extreme conditions can occur on the sand field, but also because sometimes mistakes are made during the discharge process, our customer wanted to be on the safe side: 100 % closed,” stated the company.

The valves can be supplied in diameters up to 1200 mm, and are suitable for on shore and regulating applications.

At this moment Matecs is producing 10 similar valves (dia 900 mm.).

Matecs BV (Former Timro B.V.) is growing steadily, the company invested in varied machinery and skilled workers.


Press Release, May 21, 2013

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