Turkey: Dredge Yard Delivers Heavy Duty Ball Joints to Van Oord

Dredge Yard Delivers Heavy Duty Ball Joints to Van Oord.

Dredge Yard has announced that it has delivered its heavy duty ball joints to Van Oord.

The dredge ball joints are suitable for pipe inner diameter of 900mm and working pressure of 30 bar. Those ball joints are of heavy duty design for pumping water and sand for long distances.

To assure high quality, Dredge Yard tested the ball joints in its special equipped facilities in Turkey. The ball joints underwent thoroughly hydrostatic testing and they were tilted by hydraulic force to simulate working environment.

The whole production and testing was managed and controlled by Dredge Yard’s team of engineers with vast experience in casting, machining, assembly, testing and inspections.

All ball joints has been delivered by trucks directly from Dredge Yard’s facilities in Turkey to Van Oord in the Netherlands, to ensure shortest delivery time.


Press Release, June 3, 2013