JCI Partners with St. Kitts and Nevis for USD 31 M Cruise Pier Project

JCI Partners with St. Kitts and Nevis for USD 31 M Cruise Pier Project

On Friday, May 17, Jay Cashman, Inc. (JCI) and the St. Christopher Air and Sea Ports Authority (SCASPA) signed a memorandum of understanding for a construction development project of a second cruise pier at Port Zante in St. Kitts.

The current evaluated cost of the cruise pier is US $31 million, which will be funded in full by Jay Cashman, Inc. SCASPA will be responsible for all management and operations of the cruise facility.

The development will be happening just in time; according to SCASPA’s CEO Jonathan Bass, high growth in St. Kitt’s cruise tourism industry over the past six years has led to difficulties accommodating all of the vessels requesting berthing. The new pier will be able to accommodate Oasis class cruise ships, which are the largest passenger ships in the world.

The Private Public Partnership (PPP) notes a thirty-year concession for Jay Cashman, Inc.


Over the last decade, JCI has been expanding its geographic reach, and the Caribbean and South America are two main areas of interest. JCI is very excited to begin this new venture with the island of St. Kitts, as it has been identified as a country with the potential for continued industry progress. David Vingiano, Vice President of JCI, identifies the hard work of the private and public sectors of St. Kitts as the source of its impressive growth over the past six years.

Jay Cashman, Chairman of the Board of JCI, also commented about the choice to partner with St. Kitts. “We make investments based on economics and track record. St. Kitts has had an enormous track record of success in this industry. It is a very desirable port, and we think there’s solid growth (potential). Just look around and compare St. Kitts with so many other Caribbean countries and you see a stark difference. I think that St. Kitts has got a great future (ahead).

Regarding the location and features of the new cruise pier, Mr. Vingiano stated that, “We’ll finalize the specific location when engineering is complete, but it’s going to be located to the West of the current pier at a 45-degree angle. As we go through the following months, we’re going to be undertaking a lot of engineering for the new pier as well as consulting with all of the major cruise lines on the ships’ requirements to ensure that they can berth safely at the pier.

St. Kitt’s Tourism Minister Richard Skerritt noted several other benefits of the project. The Amina Craft Market, located at Port Zante, will receive a full remodel. This will allow for retailers to better service tourists and other customers. In addition, the current transportation system will be evaluated to more efficiently accommodate tours and VIP customers. The taxi operator hiring process had been frozen last year after several years of tremendous growth, and this project will allow for that process to be reactivated.


Press Release, June 14, 2013