Superstorm Sandy: Administration to Expedite Rebuilding Projects (USA)

Superstorm Sandy Administration to Expedite Rebuilding Projects

As part of its ongoing commitment to help New Jersey’s communities continue to recover and rebuild from Superstorm Sandy, the Christie Administration this week formally adopted rules that streamline Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) permits for various types of vital rebuilding projects.

This action will aid reconstruction of impacted homes and businesses, assist the recovery of marinas and shellfish industries, help make coastal areas more resilient in future storms, and expedite dredging of storm-impacted private lagoons and marinas.

The changes to the coastal rules eliminate unnecessary red tape by enabling various types of projects to proceed under less cumbersome permit procedures, including permits by rule and general permits. At the same time, the processes put in place will not compromise protection of coastal resources and will help ensure the rebuilding of a more resilient New Jersey coastline.

The Christie Administration is committed to taking every step possible to help our communities rebuild more resiliently and quickly following Sandy,” said DEP Commissioner Bob Martin.

These common sense rule changes eliminate unnecessary red tape that would needlessly impede the important work of rebuilding while ensuring continued protection of our important natural resources.”

The changes eliminate or significantly reduce time needed for DEP reviews. They also save property owners fees and costs associated with more complex permit requirements.

The DEP initially adopted the rule changes on an emergency basis on April 16. The activities regulated by the simplified permit processes are for reconstruction activities that are occurring largely on the same footprint or involve minimal (up to 400 square feet) expansion. In many cases, these changes will provide significant environmental benefits and better prepare coastal communities for future storms.

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Press Release, June 25, 2013