Spain: Port of Valencia Modernization Underway

Port of Valencia Modernization Underway

TCV Stevedoring Company, a Grup TCB company managing the transport of goods at the Levante and Llovera docks in the Port of Valencia, has received its fourth Super Post Panamax crane for operating large vessels up to 22 containers wide.

Developed by Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery (ZMPC), the acquired gantry crane weighs 1,600 tonnes, is capable of lifting 65 tonnes and is 44 metres high under the spreader. Its speed is 180 metres per minute hoisting empty containers and 90 metres per minute in the case of fully loaded containers. The new crane has a reach of 62.5 metres on the sea side and 20 metres on the land side, while the distance between rails ascends to 30.48 metres.

Acquisition of the new Super Post Panamax crane forms part of an ambitious investment programme developed by TCV Stevedoring to consolidate the Valencian facilities as a point of reference for productivity and efficiency in western Mediterranean ports. Four new RTGs will be added in the coming months, allowing TCV to increase and improve its service to its customers.

The operational capability of TCV has also been boosted by the 20-hectare expansion of the container yard area, which has been carried out this year and raises the current surface area of the terminal to 65 hectares.

The TCV terminal has a 1,660-metre dock and a depth of 16 metres. In addition to the Super Post Panamax cranes, its equipment includes four Post Panamax cranes, two Panamax cranes, 22 RTG cranes and seven reachstackers, among others. The company’s machinery is set to operate with all types of container ships.


Press Release, July 2, 2013