KIASMA Introduces HDPE Pipe Discharge Bicoloured Wear Indicator (Italy)

HDPE Discharge Pipes

KIASMA Srl. has announced a study on the production of HDPE discharge pipes for dredging projects. This system allows the operator to know the life of HDPE pipes, eliminating the risk of using tubing with low thickness that determine bursts, breaks and machine downtime.

All piping for dredging are subject to wear. The wear (abrasion) reduces the life of the tube, and also reduces the thickness of the pipe wall. The reduction of the thickness leads to deterioration of the mechanical strength (PN).

The HDPE pipes are dimensioned to withstand a specific internal hydrostatic pressure (PN). The production of HDPE PE100 pipes to EN 12201 standard takes into account the maximum allowable hoop stress MRS (Maximum Required Strength).


The circumferential stress is determined by the relationship between MRS and a coefficient of Security (Cs) that for the international standard is equal to 1.25. For each thickness of the HDPE pipe wall corresponds a given MRS. For each value of MRS correspond a pressure (PN) that EN 12201 sets.

The production of HDPE discharge pipes for dredging that KIASMA Srl and K & D Dredging proposes, can also be made “Bicolor”, HDPE PE100 white inside and HDPE PE100 black outside.

The thickness of the white polyethylene is a “WEAR INDICATOR” which, according to the millions of m3 of solid material flow, it reduces up to worn out. The total consumption of the white color inside the pipe indicates the “working pressure”, decay of the mechanical strength (PN) of the pipe.


If inside the HDPE PE100 pipes with “bicoloured wear indicator” it is used the Kiasma System KFC, abrasion (consumption) is reduced to 0.4 mm / 1 million m3 of solid flow.

KIASMA S.r.l. operates since over 20 years, and works with the most successful Italian and foreign companies in the field of thermoplastic materials, such PeHD and rubber.

KIASMA’s is the only dredging pipe in the world with its unique, patented, “ReVolution System”, inside pipe change of flow motion, to gain pipe lenght, reduce pipe abrasion, and gain pump pressure on discharge. KIASMA also has patented an innovative welding system, for large diameters, oceanĀ  or heavy inerts works.


Press Release, July 3, 2013