UK: Seahouses Harbour Dredging Completed

Seahouses Harbour Dredging Completed

The contractors wrapped up the Seahouses Harbour dredging program last week.

This very important cleanup project, funded by North Sunderland Harbour Commissioners, will ensure that this area remains navigable for fishing and leisure boats, reports

Regarding the Seahouses dredging work, Captain Philip Brabban, harbourmaster, stated: “If we stopped dredging, the silt and sand would build up and the harbour would be unnavigable after a few years and would severely limit the opportunities for boats coming in and out of the harbour. Obviously, the harbour is very much at the heart of the village and vitally important for its tourist trade so it is crucial for the harbour commission to maintain the harbour’s viability in perpetuity.”

Maintenance dredging of the harbour has to take place every three years or so, according to

“The access channel has been opened up to full capacity and the berth along he old pier has been dredged to improve the situation there. They (the contractors) had the right equipment and the right skills and it’s made a big difference. It should last a minimum of three years,” concluded Brabban.


Dredging Today Staff, July 4, 2013