France: Dunkerque-Port Addresses Sediment Dredging at Its Sustainability Morning

Dunkerque-Port Addresses Sediment Dredging at Its Sustainability Morning

Dunkerque-Port’s strategic plan is part of a policy of sustainable development and action which takes into consideration the various areas of the port and particularly those which involve the protection of nature and biodiversity.

Among the priority actions, the subjects of dredging, combating coastal erosion and sediment recycling are fully in line with the policy followed by Dunkerque-Port, including innovation and research on re-using the materials in the port’s developments.

On 18 June 2013, to present its policy, Dunkerque-Port held a “Sustainability Morning”, on the subject of sediment dredging and recycling. The event brought together environmental associations, local industrialists, design offices, local and regional authorities, government departments and representatives of French ports, and demonstrated afresh the strong commitment of Dunkerque-Port to inform the general public about environmental issues, as required by the Aarhus Convention for greater transparency.

The strategy of sustainable development in dredging operations, the management of information and the re-use of sediment in road-building were discussed during the “Morning”. The event ended with a visit to the worksites, to show the operational nature of the policy that has been followed on the port’s territory for more than five years.


Press Release, July 10, 2013