Vietnam: NAPA Attends ASEAN Ports & Shipping

NAPA Attends ASEAN Ports and Shipping

Between 11th and 12th July 2013, NAPA presented itself at ASEAN Ports & Shipping, held in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

This event, which is considered one of the most important logistics fairs in Southeast Asia, is attended by all of the region’s most significant logistics providers, hence NAPA seized this opportunity to promote the advantages of the Adriatic transport route.

At a conference organised in the context of the fair, NAPA drew attention to the Association’s co-ordinated development of port infrastructure in servicing Europe’s cargo requirements; indeed, it is only through such collaboration that ports in the Northern Adriatic shall be able to attract and maintain trade flows in the long-term – particularly in the field of container freight.

This spirit of co-operation established over recent years has also revealed that shipowners don’t come to the North Adriatic because of a single port, but rather they are in search of the best solutions within the region in order that they can optimise their operations.

The even development of infrastructure is thus of key importance in each port’s ability to offer clients the most favourable logistics solutions, and working together, the ports of the Northern Adriatic represent a multi-port gateway to Central Europe.

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Press Release, July 15, 2013