UK: NIRAS Acquires Peter Fraenkel and Partners

NIRAS Acquires Peter Fraenkel and Partners

UK-based marine civil engineering consultants Peter Fraenkel & Partners Ltd joins forces with international, multidisciplinary civil engineering consultants NIRAS A/S to form a strong European marine engineering company.

Peter Fraenkel & Partners Ltd with 20 employees and 40 years track record worldwide in marine civil and coastal engineering has joined the international engineering consulting company NIRAS.

Part of growth strategy

“By joining NIRAS, we become part of a strong international civil engineering consultant that provides us with the international network and financial power to realise our international growth strategy,” says Managing Director Peter Martin of Peter Fraenkel & Partners Ltd.

Joining the two companies is of mutual benefit. Peter Fraenkel becomes part of an international company that can leverage its services through a network of companies and affiliates. At the same time NIRAS strengthens its presence in the UK and adds 20 specialists in marine civil and coastal engineering to its present staff of 60 specialists within these fields.

Peter Fraenkel’s offices in Dorking and Glasgow will supplement NIRAS’ existing UK offices in Cambridge and Central London.

To the benefit of the customers

“Peter Fraenkel and NIRAS fit perfectly. Together, we will be able to bring more value to our existing customers in UK and we will add a broadened service delivery to the customers in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia,” adds Managing Director Peter M. Martin.

Peter Fraenkel and NIRAS already have experience from collaborating on a number of international projects.

“From previous collaboration, we know each other very well. There is a good cultural fit between our two organisations. This has been of great importance to our common approach to customers, the way we utilise the skills of our employees are similar and have been successful in delivering good result for our customers,” explains Jesper Harder, Director at NIRAS Ports and Maritime.

Details about the acquisition

NIRAS A/S has acquired a majority of the shares in Peter Fraenkel & Partners Ltd. The management of Peter Fraenkel & Partners holds the remaining shares and NIRAS A/S has the right to buy those shares at any time after 3 years of operation. Peter Fraenkel & Partners will become NIRAS Fraenkel, part of the NIRAS A/S group and will work jointly with the Ports and Maritime business unit of NIRAS. The business unit offers civil engineering consultancy within marine, coastal, ports, terminals and off shore installations in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

NIRAS A/S was established in 1956. It has 1,500 employees and offices throughout Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.


Press Release, August 14, 2013