PROGROUPE: “DredgeKing” Equipped with Dredgepack (Slovakia)

DredgeKing Equipped with Dredgepack

PROGROUPE announced that they equipped “DredgeKing“ dredging machine from Senwatec with Dredgepack®.

This dredger was equipped with Dredgepack® from HYPACK, Inc:

– version 2013 realtime dredge monitoring system with one hard lock key which all owsusers to monitor and recorddigging operations for hopper, cutter, and other dredge types. The survey data is displayed on the operator’s screen and re-mapped in real time, based the depth and location of the digging tool. This allows the contractor to maximize digging efficiency while providing a record of digging operation <br/>sand position;

– differential positioning and heading system, the Trimble® SPS461 GPS heading and positioning receiver;

– e-trac ruggedized in clinometer <br/>sensor system;

– rotation sensor for swinging <br/>ladder dredge.

Calibration, configuration and training was done in Slovakia during five days in August by technician from Hypack.



Press Release, August 20, 2013