USA: Geosyntec to Present at Floodplain Management Conference

Geosyntec to Present at Floodplain Management Conference

Two Geosyntec practitioners will be among the presenters at the 2013 Floodplain Management Conference, set for September 3-6 in Anaheim, California.

Trevor Alsop, P.E., CFM, and Venkat Gummadi, both engineers based in California, will co-present “2-D Hydraulic Modeling of Innovative Stream Bank Protection Measures,” which describes the results of a Geosyntec project performed for the Brawley Solid Waste Site (BSWS) in Imperial County, California.

The Floodplain Management Conference, sponsored by the Floodplain Management Association, will feature a 2-D Modeling Symposium in addition to its full conference program of panels and sessions.

The 2013 conference is expected to have more than 600 attendees.

Mr. Alsop and Mr. Gummadi will present on a bank stabilization project conducted in association with the closure activities at the BSWS, which is located immediately adjacent to the New River.

The southern bank of the river at BSWS experiences severe bank erosion and loss of stable woody vegetation. There also are potential impacts at the site associated with landfill waste discharging into the New River.

As part of the closure of the landfill, innovative streambank protection measures such as bendway weirs and longitudinal stone toe protection with vegetation were constructed to protect the landfill from eroding into the river. To obtain an optimal design criterion for the stream bank protection measures, a comprehensive hydrologic assessment was performed and site-specific flow rates were estimated using flow data from nearby U.S. Geological Survey flow gage.

Additionally, a 2-D hydraulic model was developed to assess effects of river training configurations. The design configurations are intended to reduce bank scour by moving the energy of the river away from the landfill’s banks.

Mr. Alsop’s and Mr. Gummadi’s presentation will expand on the 2-D hydraulic analysis performed and observed performance of the installed stream bank protection measures.


Press Release, August 27, 2013