QRC: Reef Protection Policies Lauded (Australia)

Reef Protection Policies Lauded

Commitments from both major political parties to tackle documented environmental threats to the Great Barrier Reef have been welcomed by the peak representative body for Queensland’s minerals and energy exporters.

‘It is vital for Queensland exporters and the communities they support along the 2,200 kilometres of the Great Barrier Reef that there are policies focused on the reef’s restoration and preservation,’ said Queensland Resources Council Chief Executive Michael Roche.

‘Queenslanders are now assured that the next federal government will target the key threats to the reef – nutrient run-off, Crown of Thorns starfish and the protection of iconic animal species.’

Mr Roche noted the Coalition’s calling out today of advice from the Australian Institute of Marine Science that Crown of Thorns starfish posed the most significant immediate risk to the Great Barrier Reef.

‘The proposed allocation of another $2 million for starfish eradication will be welcomed by the Association of Marine Park and Tourism Operators (AMPTO), who currently run the program.

‘The major parties are listening to the scientists and not the deceptive claims of global activist organisations trying to shut down commercial shipping from Gladstone to Cape York.

‘The ongoing health and sensitive management of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park are essential for the economic well-being of Queensland and Australia.

‘The reef is too important for agriculture, tourism and resource industries to be used as an ideological play-thing by activists here one minute and gone the next,’ Mr Roche said.


Press Release, September 2, 2013