New Zealand: Waitemata Harbour Expansion Thwarted

Waitemata Harbour Expansion Thwarted

Plans by Ports of Auckland to further reclaim the Waitemata Harbour have been thwarted, following the decision by the Auckland Plan Committee.

The Unitary Plan has raised some contentious issues but none more divisive than filling in more of our unique harbour,” says Devonport-Takapuna Local Board chair Chris Darby, who has worked closely with the Mayor’s office and Heart of the City to achieve a resolution.

The council committee amended the draft Unitary Plan, making further reclamation a ‘non-complying’ activity, and ordered a comprehensive study to more fully appraise the long-term future of the port land.

I’m relieved to see sanity prevail and Council reach this bold decision, for the sake of the city and all Aucklanders,” says Mr Darby.

We grew up as a port city relying upon sea freight but now we are an international harbour-edge city that recognises the importance of protecting the harbour and gulf from encroachment.

The port company has been given an unequivocal message that contemplating more port sprawl into our harbour is unacceptable. It’s now time for all Aucklanders to participate in a comprehensive study of what our unique waterfront might offer us over the next 50-100 years.”

Let’s be prepared to break the mould and look at how Auckland, Northland and the Waikato can collaborate to best connect by sea to international markets.”

The days of incremental reclamation over two centuries are over.”


Press Release, September 4, 2013

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