Italdraghe Delivers Dredging Equipment to Guyana Company

Italdraghe Delivers Dredging Equipment to Guyana Company

Italian dredging equipment builder Italdraghe has just delivered another BDC 200 dredging attachment to a mining company in British Guyana.

The BDC dredging head will be installed on a Doosan 225 LC excavator, effectively transforming it into a mini cutter suction dredger destined for a series of river and in-land mining extraction projects.

The BDC 200 is just one of a range of Italdraghe dredging attachments designed to fit virtually every type and size of excavator. This new “mini-dredger” is both compact and efficient thanks to its powerful cutter head and dredging pump, identical to those on full-sized cutter suction dredgers.

Driven by the excavator power source, the Italdraghe BDC offers the advantages of a simple quick-fit installation, low maintenance costs, one man operation, and easy transportability.

Within the next couple of months Italdraghe will deliver to the same client an SGT 180 cutter suction dredger and booster station as well as a number of different motorpump units to be used to dredge precious minerals.


Press Release, September 5, 2013