Deltares: Webinar Modelling Pipeline Hydraulics in WANDA

Webinar Modelling Pipeline Hydraulics in WANDA

On Thursday 26 September (11:00 CEST) Deltares is setting up a webinar entitled: “Modelling pipeline hydraulics in WANDA: Basic Wanda usage”.

The webinar is presented by Michiel Tukker and Sam van der Zwan (Deltares).

WANDA is a powerful and user-friendly program for the hydraulic design and optimization of pipeline systems.

Both engineers and operators use WANDA to study the steady and dynamic behaviour of liquid, heat, gas and slurry flows in arbitrarily configured pipeline networks.

The software can be easily linked to other applications, e.g. for operator training systems or advanced real-time control. WANDA has been extensively tested, validated and designed for engineers by engineers.

During this webinar we will give a brief introduction into the use of WANDA.

Items which will be discussed are:

1. The user interface

2. Building of a model

3. Running of simulations steady as well as transient

4. Viewing of results


Press Release, September 20, 2013

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