Boston Starts Flood Defence Works (UK)

Boston Starts Flood Defence Works.

Hundreds of homes and businesses in Boston are set to benefit from flood defence works being carried out on the tidal River Haven.

The Environment Agency is carrying out works on the Haven between Pulvertoft Lane and St Ann’s Lane.

A new sheet piled wall will be constructed in front of a 240-metre length of the existing piled wall to support the ground behind it.

The project, which will cost £3.6 million, should be completed by spring 2014.

They are the second phase of works along the Boston Haven and follow repairs to other sections of the riverside walls earlier this year.

Adrian Clack, asset performance team leader, said: “This will ensure flood risk continues to be reduced for people in the area for years to come.

We have been talking to property owners and businesses in the area and will endeavour to keep disruption to a minimum while we carry out this vital project.

However, we would like to apologise for any inconvenience they may cause and hope people will understand why it is important that we carry them out.

A site compound has been set up on St Ann’s Lane, off the High Street, and the affected area of river bank has been fenced off.

The work is being carried out from the river using specialist plant. This provides a stable working platform for pile installation at low tide and can be floated into a new position at high tide.

River users will be able to pass the in-channel plant throughout the works and regular notice will be given to mariners to notify them of what activities are happening and where. Construction is being carried out by Environment Agency contractors Interserve Construction limited.

Although the work will help to reduce flood risk, not all risks will be eliminated.


Press Release, October 9, 2013