China: CCCC Tianjin Bags Huludao Port Dredging Gig

CCCC Tianjin Bags Huludao Port Dredging Gig

CCCC Tianjin Dredging Co., Ltd. has recently won the bid for Lot 1 of the basin dredging project of the universal terminal in Suizhong zone of Huludao Port, with a contract value of 162 million yuan.

Located on the northwest bank of Liaodong Bay in Bohai Gulf, the zone is an integral part of Liaoning’s coastal port cluster. With a construction period of 11 months and engineering quantities of some 2.55 million cubic meters, the project involves basin dredging and foundation trench excavation.

After its completion, the project will play a significant role in cargo transportation in east Inner Mongolia and northeast China, and will be of positive significance to promoting the coordinated development of west Liaoning’s regional economies and building a new growth point of Liaoning’s coastal economic belt.


Press Release, October 21, 2013