USA: Bridgehampton-Sagaponack Replenishment Kicks Off

Bridgehampton Sagaponack Replenishment Kicks Off

The Bridgehampton-Sagaponack ECD beach replenishment project has officially commenced.

The pumping of sand onto the shore in the Bridgehampton Beach section began recently at project Station 268+00, in the vicinity of Scott Cameron Beach.

From this location the construction of this reach will proceed to the west towards Water Mill ending at project Station 326+00 at Flying Point Road. Currently between project Stations 268+00 and 282+00 the sand fill, grading and checking of volumes has been completed.

West of project Station 282+00 to the current construction location of 297+00 sand fill has been completed but grading of the area and checking of volumes has not been completed.

The installation of the offshore sand pipeline for the next reach east in the Ocean Road area has begun to be placed and will extend from the Offshore borrow area to the shoreline.


Press Release, October 29, 2013