Deltares: More Effective Water Management in New York with 3Di

More Effective Water Management in New York with 3Di

Deltares has been able to demonstrate in New York how the city’s water management can be improved by using the 3Di model.

This Dutch product combines ultra-rapid and accurate water calculations with a realistic 3D visualisation of the area. The result is fast and effective decision-making in water management. 3Di can be used on a broad front for both operational management and during emergencies. It is already being used by water management authorities in Singapore and Cape Town.

Better and more efficient investment

The model was presented during the latest H2O9 Forum in New York, where Dutch and American experts discussed the water challenges of the 21st century. Deltares focused on Jamaica Bay to the south of Long Island, which was badly hit during hurricane Sandy in October 2012.

At the moment, discussions are concentrating on measures to improve flood protection for the area. The model made ultra-rapid calculations to show the effects of a range of measures, displaying them realistically in 3D. In this way, 3Di helps with decisions, but also makes investments better and more efficient.

Joint initiative

3Di Water Management is an initiative from Deltares, the Delft University of Technology, and Nelen & Schuurmans. They are working together as a consortium to develop the 3Di approach and the required instrument. The Delfland and Hollands Noorderkwartier water management authorities are supporting this development as launching customers. The tools developed will be tested first in their operating areas.


Press Release, October 31, 2013


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