IHC Merwede: Comprehensive Handbook on Pumps and Slurry Presented

Comprehensive Handbook on Pumps and Slurry Presented

On Wednesday 9 October, the IHC Merwede Handbook for Centrifugal Pumps and Slurry Transportation was launched at IHC Merwede’s shipyard in Kinderdijk, The Netherlands.

The book has been written by Kees van den Berg – who works at MTI Holland – and owes its existence to the initiative and sponsorship of his employer and its sister company, IHC Parts & Services. This substantial piece of reference work was presented during an informative seminar on hydraulic pumps and transport through pipelines, which was attended by a diverse and international audience.

The attendees, including representatives from CEDA, IADC and major dredging contractors, enjoyed several presentations on these subjects. Speaking on behalf of the Delft University of Technology, Professor Dr Ir Cees van Rhee explained the significance of pipelines. In addition, IHC Merwede’s Hasan Bugdayci, Sergio Ooijens and Jort van Wijk discussed several related topics from their respective fields of expertise.

Naturally, the author had the opportunity to present his book to the seminar. The IHC Merwede Handbook for Centrifugal Pumps and Slurry Transportation combines his wealth of dredging technology expertise – gained over 45 years of service with the company – with IHC Merwede’s 75-year history of research, development and manufacturing in the dredging industry. The aim of the publication is to explain current state-of-the-art hydraulic transport technology, and provide practical information and advice.

The launch was formalised with the presentation of the book to a number of dignitaries from the industry at large. IHC Merwede’s COO, Bram Roelse, symbolically offered the book to the dredging industry by giving a copy to René Kolman, the Secretary General of the International Association of Dredging Companies. Another copy was handed over to Professor Dr Ir Cees van Rhee by Pieter Punt, the General Manager of IHC Parts and Services, so that the book’s valuable knowledge could be passed on to future generations of engineers.


Press Release, November 1, 2013


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